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Minnie (Sassanee Wirachat), a young woman who dreams of cooking, follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, who then applied to be a chef in Hunsas Restaurant, an award-winning restaurant, a Muslim star, a Malay-style restaurant. The Hansus (Hassawi Phakphongphaisan) inherited from his father. The meeting of Minnie and Hansus was not sprinkled with rose petals. When Minnie caused Hansus to lose the Muslim Star award Causing the handsome young shopkeeper to want her and that chef to have a part Involved in this offense, compensated by having to think of a menu that would have to grab back the Muslim Star. Obtained by using the legendary royal heir to help the chef find the recipe for a long-lost meat soup In order to save the reputation and the reward of the Muslim Star back The legendary recipe is named Wang Lang Beef Soup

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